Really make for very short blog posts. But much of what’s spinning around behind my head these days is related to thoughts and plans I’m not quite prepared to articulate. Still, I’ve spent the afternoon surrounding myself with words and am now feeling the need to spread some of them out on a page. I have actually been journaling with remarkable degree of consistency, for me, which means that I have fewer thoughts to work out through blog writing. I dropped the daily journal habit for the busiest holiday stretch at work (Dec 21st – Jan 3rd) because my brain wasn’t even functioning well for every day projects, much less philosophical nonsense ramblings.

I’ve been very glad, multiple times, that I came back to this job. I like the kitchen and I like my responsibilities and I like my co-workers. There are actually a couple of other girls in the kitchen this year, which is an easy shortcut to making friends to hang out with occasionally. We had pizza at midnight on New Year’s and are planning an ice skating excursion. I just have to remember that I am technically a supervisor at work now and try to moderate how much of my work issues and frustration I share with my co-workers. It’s been a strange, but fun balancing act so far, attempting to manage not-always-cooperative people. Now that the rush of Christmas week is behind me, I can slow down my own projects and focus a little bit more on how well other people are dealing with theirs.

There are several returning workers to the kitchen from last, as well as one or two non-coworkers from last year who are also still willing to talk to me and hang out on occasion. Having people to spend time with makes life so much better. Although I am currently experiencing my first sequential days off since I arrived in Colorado and feeling the deja vu of long stretches of time with no schedule and no one around to distract me. My sisters did send me pictures of their hat modeling shopping trip today, while I rode the bus around in loops attempting to solve The Problem of the Locked Bedroom Door. I appreciate the pictures, but they also have the effect of making me feel like I’m missing out on sister-time. I just have to remember that our conflicting work and school schedules over the summer meant that we didn’t spend every waking moment together even when we did happen to be in the same state.

The bedroom key issue has kept me relatively occupied in a non-amusing fashion during my spare time for the past three days. After my mixing bowl, cheese grater, and water bottle disappeared at some point during the shared housing experience, my mother made dress coat vanishing one day pushed me over the edge of reasonable reaction and I threw all my jackets into my room and locked the door before heading out of the apartment on errands. Sadly, after locking the door, I discovered that the key I was issued upon arrival was non-functional. I called maintenance to get back inside that evening and the next day headed down to the housing office to complain about the issue. Sadly for my plans, the next day was Sunday (what? it’s easy to lose track when your schedule is as convoluted as mine is.) and the office was closed. The next next day, I made it to the office around 4:45 p.m., just as everyone else was getting off of work and bringing their complaints in to the overwhelmed office workers. I managed to address two of my three concerns, was issued another key and went on my way. That key didn’t work, so I traveled down to the housing office once more, spoke with another housing employee, received my third key of the week and continued with my off-day activities. After returning to the apartment for the evening, I was shocked to discover that the third time was not, in fact, the charm. This morning, I was fortunate enough to speak to the same employee as yesterday and he recommend that I bring down my roommate’s (functioning) key so that he could cut a copy from it. Another twenty minute travel loop and I accomplished this errand and now have a fourth key to try when I finally land at the apartment again. If this fails, the office has instructed me to not return. But they aren’t giving up on me, just on the lock and will send a repair person to inspect and judge.

Beyond that, I have spent my off days reading cookbooks and brainstorming dessert and buffet menu ideas, because I truly do enjoy my job. There’s been some running and some scenic walking while on the phone with mother’s in Hawaii, some library browsing, and some light housekeeping. But I’m feeling well rested now and ready to jump back into work with a double shift in the morning.