I may have over-reacted. It’s just that baking is such incredible fun. And perhaps it isn’t just me who is stretching the limits, it could be a restaurant wide type of thing. Howe’er it came about, I have desserts to put out tomorrow night, and Thursday night, and Saturday night and possibly, as of this afternoon, Sunday. Plus, enough breads to make bread baskets for all the tables that come to Father’s Day Brunch Sunday morning. Plus my shifts are all swing/switch shifts, with Tuesday and Thursday being night shifts, Wednesday being a morning shift, and Friday being as yet unspecified in time and place. Though, come to think of it, there’s probably a dessert involved in my Friday life as well. And none of this is awful and it wouldn’t be even slightly stressful if a few conditions happened to be met that really aren’t. First off, my primary purpose while on shift is not typically dessert. Usually, I do everything else I need to accomplish and then fit dessert into my extra time. Secondly, we’re a month and a half into the season and still washing all of our own dishes. Character building, sure, but also time consuming and not really a skill development option.

Given my druthers, I would maintain my current monopoly on dessert making, but there will have to come a balance between asking me to do all the desserts and more with them than previously, while still outputting all the items I was formerly outputting. Despite what I occasionally claim, I am quite human and not over-fond of working all day every day. My real writing goal for today is to line up recipes and timelines for the week to help with my ability to present a calm front at work. I’m still conflicted about doing this on my off day(s). Completing my work baking is much easier and more relaxing if I hammer out this type of detail in my spare time – but I’m against giving away too much of my time to the company for free. I suppose if I had more demands on my free time I might protest a bit more, but as I currently need things to fill up my free hours, it doesn’t seem overly generous of me to get my ducks in a row on Monday to make the shooting gallery easier on Tuesday.

So it’s on to locating and transcribing recipes for sourdough English muffins, and chocolate babka, and beignets, and cornmeal shortcakes, and so on and so forth. The good news is that Father’s Day is a one-off event and next Sunday shouldn’t add any extra pressures to my schedule. The bad news is that as comfortable as the pace has heretofore been, we only get more hectic from here until the end of August. It’s a good thing I like the adrenaline rush of an over-booked day.