Greening Rain


I woke up this morning to the steady splashings of rain outside my window. It was one of those continuous, but soft kinds of rain. Not really stormy, just enough force to muffle the extraneous nosies of the day. The greens of the hills look softer in that kind of light sprinkle, and the grey light isn’t oppressive, just calm. When I arrived in town, the raindrops had stopped falling, but the sides of the wooden boardwalks had very splashable puddles and the air was still cool with a slight breeziness. The damp always seems to carry scents better and the lilacs are still in bloom here, so it’s almost impossible to not walk along with your head tilted up to catch the perfumes.


It’s a day off, and we were finally almost busy at work this past week. Sunday was perhaps the slowest day for the restaurant this season, with only one person coming in to eat during the four hours we were open for dinner. Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, on the other hand, had steady seatings, with a few moments of rushed busyness. Days off are much more rewarding when it feels like you’ve actually been working. It’s also my relaxing day from running, cross-training, core, and other muscle stretching activities. Since I don’t have to wear exercise clothes and my work uniform is mostly the opposite of cute or fun, I’m taking advantage of today’s lack of dress code to wear a skirt, cap, and cute boots to sit in my cafe and write. I did forget to put earrings in – if my piercings ever seal back up, it will be the fault of summers like this. I’m not allowed jewelry at work, I don’t like to wear it when I exercise, and my sisters aren’t here to play dress-up with.


They are, however, out in force on the internet today, sharing ideas and asking for thoughts and sending pictures of cute nieces to me via the wonderful communications systems available to us. I had to take a brief break from the beginnings of this blog to rewrite a song in honor of the youngest niece and her ineffective diapers. The Juggernaut brother and I are exchanging texts about the current World Cup games, while I stream soothing music over Pandora and evaluate the scientific validity of Pinterest quote boards (it’s pretty low). It’s a good day, a productive day, a relaxing day, and a blessing counting day.



I often feel like growth, as prescribed by the world, is frustrating, painful, and confusing. “Growth is Painful,” “Growth is a long, hard process,” “Growth cuts like a scythe through safety,” and “Your largest fear carries your greatest growth,” proclaim those nominally evaluated Pinterest quotes. And sometimes it does come in those spurts that stretch you out and leave you feeling like you don’t have enough skin to cover all the ground you’re hanging over. But these slow, quiet, gentle days, when you can feel leaves stretching out and almost see the grass happily inching upward, when you can feel the refreshed and renewed life hanging in the wet air, this is also growth. It’s the kind of growing where you shake and settle into that stretched out skin and feel so entirely like yourself again. It’s the relaxed growth of balance, that leaves you ready to deal with the next sudden spurt. And it’s lovely to realize that even though those sayings may be half right and growth happens in the thunder, you can also feel its tingling excitement in the gentle greening rains.



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