I’ve survived my first year post graduation. It’s actually more like a year and a half by now, but the first five months after I stopped paying money out to the university didn’t really change much in my routine. I tried out a job in Sun Valley and was horrified by the attitudes and atmosphere and then I applied for an internship type job where I could get paid and gradually transition out of homework task mode. With a year of that behind me and two re-locations to Wyoming and Colorado, I’m soaking in the goodness of family and friends before I have to strike back out for Wyoming.

Due to transportation complications, I’ll need my own vehicle while in Wyoming and so have spent some of my precious at home time visiting the DMV and buying my first ever set of license plates. It feels so nice to know that the government is continuing to monitor me. The seven-hour drive to Jackson will be the longest car trip I’ve ever taken alone and it’s making me and my mother both a bit apprehensive. My packing plans are definitely more relaxing though, knowing that I won’t be restricted to two suitcases or 100 pounds of luggage. Both issues complicated my return trips this past year, because I strongly exhibit the human inclination toward accumulation of things.

Sadly, my siblings have all found steady local employment, so I have not convinced a single one of them to abandon the home state and come explore the eating habits of bears in Wyoming. The disadvantages of being taught at home showing again – I’m sure if I had a harder time getting along with my siblings I would miss them less. Although it’s not simply individuals I miss, it’s logical thoughts and rational discussions. And so I’m back on the blog before I leave and considering how to commit to blogging while I’m away. Because when I’m suddenly immersed in a pool of disparate lifestyles and beliefs I forget that writing out my thoughts on the subject can help me properly evaluate what I’m being exposed to and (hopefully) reduce stress-levels associated with listening to blanket judgements and logical fallacies all day long.

Maybe this way, I’ll manage to muddle through my second-year P.G. and the continuation of my awkward journey to self-sustenance.


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