Rehearsal Section 18 Songs and Notes

  • The Criminal Cried

The criminal cried


The criminal cried as he dropp’d him down

In a state of wild alarm

With a frightful, frantic, fearful frown

I bar’d my big right arm

I siez’d him by his little pigtail

And on his knees fell he, as he squirm’d and struggled

And gurgled and guggled

I drew my snickersnee

My snickersnee!

Oh ne’er shall I forget the cry or the shriek that shriek-ed he

As I gnash’d my teeth, when from its sheath I drew my snicker snee!


We know him well, he cannot tell

True or grounded tales

He always tries not to utter lies

And ev’ry time he fails


He shiver’d and shook as he gave the sign for the stroke he didn’t deserve

When all of a sudden his eye met mine and it seem’d to brace his nerve

For he nodded his head and kiss’d his hand, and he whistled an air did he

As the sabre true cut cleanly through his cervical vertebree, his vertebree!

When a main’s afraid a beautiful maid is a cheering sight to see;

And it’s oh, I’m glad, that moment sad, was sooth’d by sight of me!


Her terrible tale you can’t assail,

With no truth does it agree

Her taste exact for fault filled fact

Amounts to a disease.


Now before you’d have said that head was dead, (For its owner dead would be he),

He twisted his neck, with a smile well-bred, and bowed three times to me!

It was none of your impudent off-hand nods, but as humble as could be;

For he clearly knew the deference due to a man of pedigree, of pedigree!

And it’s oh, I vow, this deathly bow, was a touching sight to see;

Though losing life, yet he couldn’t forget, the deference due to me!


This haughty youth, he speaks the truth

Whene’er he finds it pays

And in this case, it ne’er took place

Exactly as he says!

Exactly, Exactly

Exactly, Exactly as he says!


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