The Start of Summer the Second

I have arrived in Wyoming. The drive itself felt new, because I only drove bits of it, once, a year ago. But there was a pleasant familiarity when I finally made it to Jackson – along with relief that my lack of a navigator did not seem to significantly or negatively impact my travel time.

My quarters at the golf course are another pleasant surprise. I had thought, based on the descriptions given me over the phone, that I would be sharing a bedroom with a co-worker. Last summer’s four-girl room wasn’t horrible and my roommates and I ended up getting along quite nicely, but sharing space with complete strangers is significantly different from sharing space with friends and sisters. This far away from familiar faces I do like having a place I can hole up in to find complete privacy. My only quibbles with the room are the lack of a doorknob and the false drawer fronts on the desk. Whoever designed it must like playing mind games, eh?

Currently, my heffalump army guards the desk and the remainder of my things are a visual definition of the word ‘strewn.’ Reminder to self: beginning to read a novel never increases cleaning productivity. And despite the convenience of the fridge and freezer (I can reach them while still standing inside my room) I am beginning to feel a strong lack of food. Hopefully, HR check-ins, manager check-ins, housing check-ins, orientation and various other forms in triplicate won’t consume all of my time today and I can provision myself with something more than spices and a box of cornstarch.

Apart from the gnawing hunger pains, it’s definitely more fun here at this point than it was last year – things feel familiar, I know a few faces, and the beginning of the second year in this program feels like the second half of a dinner party or the last 45 minutes of an hour-and-a-half’s bike riding. It’s simply a bit easier to relax into the realization that the thing you are trying to accomplish is starting to be more rear-view mirror and less never-ending distance. Mentally, I can reassure myself that it’s downhill from here on out.

So here I am in Wyoming for the next 137 days, thinking of hiking and biking and working the summer away. Oh, and there’s the half-marathon I’ve promised to try to run at the end of it and the car that means exploring town and nearby acquaintances of friends can go on my list.

Yup. Mountains. Forests. Lakes. Summer. I think I’ll be able to manage *some* fun.


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