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Twice Baked Potato Chips

Here we are, at the last post for the savory canapes, which has been languishing in the drafts folder while I futilely wished for better photos to illustrate it with. Unfortunately, regret doesn’t seem to be producing any new pictures, so I’m relenting and making do with what I have. This appetizer is my gussied […]

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Tomato Melts

One of the best received vegetarian appetizers I have encountered during my time in kitchens, these little bites taste a bit like pizza on toast and a bit like caprese salad. I’ve made many hundreds of them, since they were a permanent resident on the banquet menu of the Colorado restaurant where I spent three […]

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Canape Madness

No, Cookbook Roulette isn’t gone. It was just on hold because I was gifted a delightful cooking project that got preference when it came to my spare time for kitchen shenanigans. Also because holidays, which have their own way of consuming discretionary time. For the last month or so I’ve been working away on a […]

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Pumpkin Roll

Thanksgiving season is visiting us again, with two family meals occurring in the next seven days. Which means there’s fall inspired baking to be done. It seems like we made this pumpkin roll at least once every fall during my childhood, but it’s been absent from the holiday feast for several years now. The lure […]