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Pumpkin Roll

Thanksgiving season is visiting us again, with two family meals occurring in the next seven days. Which means there’s fall inspired baking to be done. It seems like we made this pumpkin roll at least once every fall during my childhood, but it’s been absent from the holiday feast for several years now. The lure […]

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Cake with Wild Abandon

I love cakes, particularly grand layer cakes that can be cut open to reveal strata of frosting and fillings. I’m always a bit disappointed in anyone who doesn’t want a birthday cake, claiming a preference for ice cream cakes, or pies, or some other alternative dessert. (Apologies to all my family members who fit in […]

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Recipe Development

When I couldn’t give him a straight answer about what I was working on this morning in the kitchen, my husband asked me how often I start cooking without knowing what I’m making. The answer is ‘quite a lot, actually’. The only trouble I usually run into is when something turns out amazingly well and […]

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Cooking, Food Essays, Gourmet in the Field

Vacation Food

How much do your food habits change when you’re on vacation? We just arrived at the Oregon Coast to spend a week near the ocean, which has me thinking about food memories and cravings and habits and how they all build off of each other. After half a day of padding around the wood paneled […]

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My very first class in culinary school was Foundations. And though I’ve mostly developed my skills to deeper levels than were required by that class, whenever I am asked cooking questions, it always comes to mind. There’s nothing like a truism – “gotta learn to walk before you learn to run” – and while prodigies […]