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Vacation Food

How much do your food habits change when you’re on vacation? We just arrived at the Oregon Coast to spend a week near the ocean, which has me thinking about food memories and cravings and habits and how they all build off of each other. After half a day of padding around the wood paneled […]

Gourmet in the Field

My Freezer Shrunk

And so did my pantry. Or, rather, I moved out of the professional kitchen spaces that are filled to the brim with food. There’s nothing quite like having rooms full of produce, canned goods, and frozen items that you can just walk into and browse. But most homes don’t have the space (or electricity budget) […]

Food Essays, Gourmet in the Field


My very first class in culinary school was Foundations. And though I’ve mostly developed my skills to deeper levels than were required by that class, whenever I am asked cooking questions, it always comes to mind. There’s nothing like a truism – “gotta learn to walk before you learn to run” – and while prodigies […]